Automated Defibrillator

Reanibex 200

  • Biphasic technology.
  • Truncated Exponential Waveform adapted to patient’s impedance.
  • Energy delivered: 200 joules.
  • Lithium battery with more than 300 discharges of capacity.
  • Audible and visual prompts to guide users through complete operation sequence.
  • Rugged and durable for use in all types of environments.
  • Portable and lightweight for easy transport in any situation.
  • Optional PC software, to store and review ECG and audio data.
  • Automatic daily self test ensures the device continual readiness.
  • Configurable CPR protocol.
  • LCD display which shows: ECG signal, different messages, number of discharges and operating time.
  • Action icons (in the option without ECG).
  • Very simple, only 2-button operation.
  • Periodic self-tests to warn, visually and acoustically when servicing is required.
  • Storage of ECG data.