Caelus is Medec’s culmination of 40 years of research and development in the field of anaesthesia workstations. To better suit the needs of your patient we have redesigned and upgraded our well-established bag-in-bottle ventilator with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. To better suit the needs of your hospital our next-generation anaesthesia ventilator is fully upgradable, providing your hospital with a future-proof solution.
To better suit your needs we have built Caelus around you. The ergonomically designed trolley with plenty of working space and storage room enhances your comfort while an 18.5 inch capacitive touchscreen shows all crucial information at a glance.

  • Intuitive PureTouch® user interface
    Medec PureTouch®, allows you to swipe from one waveform to another in a fluent motion and browse through settings effortlessly with an unprecedented simplicity and visual acuity. Thanks to the smooth and responsive graphics, changing parameters wasnever easier. Swipe to configure your window and choose out of 10 waveforms: pressure, flow, volume, P-V loop, F-V loop, CO2, O2, parameter AA1, AA2 and N2O. Our new integrated gas analyser (option) allows you to centralise crucial information.
    The 18.5 inch full-colour touch screen controls the gas mixer (Rotasphere®) and displays all ventilation parameters, without the need to use any rotary knob. All changes are effected directly on the touch screen display by the touch of a finger.
  • Ventilation modes simplified & user-friendly
    To reduce part of your workload we have simplified ventilation mode nomenclature and reduced the endless list of cryptic abbreviations without compromising on the ventilator functionality. Instead of VCV, ACV, VC-SIMV, PCV, PC-ACV, PC-SIMV and PSV our Medec PureTouch® user interface allows you to choose between ‘Volume Control’, ‘Pressure Control’ and ‘CPAP/Pressure Support’ and still offers you all possibilities of the cryptic list above by setting the required parameters within either ‘Volume Control’, ‘Pressure Control’ and ‘CPAP/Pressure Support’.
  • Next-generation ventilator
    Medec’s next-generation balanced bag-in-bottle ventilator guarantees the safest and most natural form of mechanical ventilation. A decelerating flow pattern in ‘volume’ mode improves patient-ventilator synchrony and reduces the risk of barotrauma. But most importantly, Medec’s unique safety systems,VoluProtect® (against volutrauma in Man/Spont) and BaroProtect® (against barotrauma in ‘volume’ mode) protect your patient’s lungs automatically, regardless of set parameters.
  • RotaSphere
    Medec’s RotaSphere®, an innovative rotameter system, introduces a completely new concept to the market. Fresh gas flow settings are displayed in the form of a sphere so that both gas mixture and concentrations are immediately clear, even from a distance. To change settings simply tap the RotaSphere® and swipe over the settings wheel. Set individual flows or total flow at your preference in ‘%’ or ‘l/min’.
  • Level of hypnosis & nociception
    Adequately measure the depth of anaesthesia (option) with qCON (Depth of Hypnosis Index). qCON monitors consciousness (EEG and EMG) and allows you to tailor the hypnotics to each individual patient, providing improved patient outcome and reduced costs. Additionally, you can now monitor the level of nociception (pain) (option) with qNOX (Level of Nociception Index). qNOX monitors nociception during general anaesthesia. When using both consciousness and nociception monitoring, hypnotics and analgesics can be dosed more accurately, reducing PONV and length of stay in post-operative care units.