Diagnostic Audiometers

MA 53

  • True Two Channels for Clinical Use
    Using the MA 53 various diagnostic tests can be performed, such as SISI, DLI, ABLB, Carhart decay and Stenger.
    Complex mixing facilitates the routing of 2 different signals to the same ear.
  • Easy and Error-Free Operation
    The MA 53 is fast and easy to operate.
    A userfriendly arrangement of adjacent buttons and operating elements allows one handed control.
    The two channel keyboard layout with LEDs for each function ensures error-free operation.
  • Options
    The MA 53 offers high tone audiometry with air conduction for advanced diagnostics.
  • Features at a glance
    True two channels for presentation of two different frequencies.
    Air and bone conduction, speech and free field with builtin power amplifier.
    Clinical features such as SISI, DLI, ABLB and Carhart decay testing.
    Complex mixing for presentation of test and masking signal to one ear.
    Optional high tone audiometry for AC up to 16 kHz.