Opera RT20 Guitar

Radiographic Unit

OPERA RT20 “Guitar” is an extremely compact radiographic unit characterised by innovatory features ensuring the maximum degree of

  • application flexibility
  • operation quickness
  • patient comfort
  • examination time saving

OPERA RT20 “Guitar” consists of a stand fixed onto the floor entirely supporting the exclusive adjustable height-patient tabletop.
Thanks to this special structure, the floor is set completely free from and any operation in view of the exam execution, including stretcher positioning, is absolutely quick and safe.
The adjustable height patient tabletop can be lowered down to an extremely reduced distance from the floor allowing the operator to always have a quick accessibility towards the patient.
Additionally, the sample travels ensured by both the tabletop and potter allows the patient total length examination without any need for repositioning. The extensive X-ray tube movements ensure the quick and safe execution of oblique incidences, lateral projections on external cassette holder, wall stand and stretcher.