Accuvix A30

Ultrasound system of expert level

As the pioneer in ultrasound and imaging, Samsung Medison sets global standards in ultrasound systems. We focus on innovations that support more accurate, easier and faster diagnosis. Our new Accuvix A30 system establishes new benchmarks in operational convenience with features such as EZ Exam™ and ElastoScan™.

  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine
    With enhanced H/W and newly added S/W engines, users can process data more accurately through optimized processing. This Hybrid Beamforming Engine enables a more in-depth, and a more detailed scanning with a higher energy output.
  • 54.6 cm Full HD LED monitor
    With the release of the world’s first 54.6 cm LED ultrasound monitor, the Accuvix A30 introduces high-quality color image representation. The new, wider monitor provides superior performance over CRT and LCD monitors, delivering higher resolution for more accurate diagnosis.
  • Enhanced DPDI
    Enhanced DPDI, an innovative color Doppler with greater sensitivity, can detect peripheral blood vessels. Its advanced Doppler enables accurate diagnosis when color detection is especially difficult.
  • Single Crystal
    The single crystal material provides a wide bandwidth which allows the user to utilize a wider range of frequency that grants a better resolution along with penetration. Also because of the high sensitivity refl ected signals can detect small blood flow.
  • EZ Exam™ transforms frequently used step-by-step exams into a single, streamlined procedure.
  • ElastoScan™
    Helping to identify early detection of malignant tumors and other various diseases, ElastoScan™ provides clinical information that are unattainable with conventional scans.
  • ElastoScan™ ECI Allowing users to acquire ElastoScan™ images without compression, Thyroid ElastoScan™ ECI has a quantifi cation index for determining the possibility of malignant nodules.
  • Cervix ElastoScan™
    Highly sensitive, Cervix ElastoScan™ easily reveals changes in the uterine cervix often missed by palpation, enabling more accurate assessment.
  • HD-ADVR™
    HD-ADVR™, integrated DVD (720×480) and USB (Full HD 1920 x 1080), permits simultaneous scanning and recording, creating an environment that allows users to revisit recorded areas.
  • Color Opt Flow™
    The exclusive color technology supports quick color image representations of blood flow. Upgrade includes the capability to change between slow, moderate and fast color speeds. The preset ranges allow faster evaluation of optimized blood flow images, depending on the application.
  • QuickScan™
    By enabling automatic optimization of key imaging parameters with the touch of a button, QuickScan™ maximizes work flow efficiency.
  • DMR plus™
    A completely new engine that integrates Samsung software and enhances image quality, DMR plus™ has a noise reduction filter that increases edge enhancement and produces sharper 2D images for improved diagnostic performance.
  • FRV™ (Feto Realistic View)
    FRV™ is an image rendering technology that gathers much more information than 3D/4D data than previous technology, and enables to express more detailed images of the fetus. FRV™ is also compatible with Samsung Medison’s other 3D functions such as HDVI™, SFVI™ or VC.
  • HD Volume Imaging™
    By utilizing special filtering that removes unwanted speckle and noise while simultaneously improving visualization of edges and small structures in volume data, HDVI™ renders clearer and more accurate images.
  • 3D Stereo Technology
    Accuvix A30 provides real images connected to Samsung 3D Smart TV. This function is a technology that supports the concept of 5D ART™ in order to help see maximal lifelike images with glasses for it.
  • 3D/4D Image Capabilities
    The A30 displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception. The user-selectable light source direction creates intricate graduated shadows to better define anatomical structures.
  • 5D ART™
    5D ART™ Solutions proudly offer top-notch images and information best suitable for clinical uses by utilizing Amplified Reality Technologies.