Diagnostic Audiometers

MA 41

  • Portable and Stand-Alone Audiometer
    The MA 41 is a stand-alone audiometer with pure tone, speech and free-field audiometric testing.
    It is designed for ENT diagnostics, hearing aid fitting and for mobile audiometry.
    Its ergonomic design and comfortable handling allow a user-friendly operation.
  • Tone Audiometry
    The MA 41 performs tests using air conduction (AC) headphones, bone conduction (BC) receiver, optional insert phones or optional loudspeakers.
    Built-in test signals include sinus tone, warble tone, narrow band and speech noise.
  • Speech Audiometry and Communication
    The device offers the playback of speech files from a removable SD-memory card or from external sources.
    The inputs include ports for CD speech test material and live voice speech by microphone. The talk forward and talk back functions as well as the monitoring of all signals by internal speaker or monitor phone facilitate its operation – especially in noise excluding cabins.
  • Features at a glance
    Tone and speech audiometer for AC, BC (phone and inserts) and free-field testing Sinus tone, warble tone, narrow band and speech noise.
    Speech tests from SD memory card, CD or via microphone Individual customization by extensive configuration options.
    Direct printout of the results via optional external printer.
    USB PC interface.
    Optional patient database or NOAH compatible software.
    Internal patient database for more than 1000 test results.