GraphNet Neo

This ventilator is exclusive for neonatal and pediatric patients in order to provide the best care they deserve.

  • Truly neonatal/pediatric applications.
  • Accurate tidal volumes down to 2ml.
  • Reliable high sensitive triggering.
  • Time cycled pressure limited (TCPL) mode included.
  • User-friendly and intuitive programming.
  • 12-inch Touch screen for rapid navigation.
  • Rapid-access keys.
  • High visibility alarm indicator.
  • Proximal flow sensor.
  • 72 hours of trends.
  • Internal battery capacity > 2.5 hs.
  • FDA and CE approved.

Comprehensive monitoring
Proximal neonatal flow sensor, improves flow and volume monitoring independent from compressible volume in the patient circuit.
Monitoring of vital signs variables such as mandatory and spontaneous minute ventilation, spontaneous frequency, exhalation time constant, leaks.
Built-in respiratory mechanics menu provides a vital tool for making correct information- based decision increasing the efficacy of treatment and guaranteeing patient safety.

New patient-oriented ventilation modes
Volume-controlled ventilation (VCV), pressure-regulated volume-controlled ventilation (PRVC) and airway pressure release ventilation (APRV).

Non-invasive ventilation
A ventilation mode with automatic leak compensation. Provides effective patient ventilation, while keeping the upper respiratory airways intact. Reliable leak monitoring through an interface that improves synchronization and patient comfort.

Intra-hospital transport mode
Allows transferring patients inside the medical facility without interrupting the ventilation and monitoring.

Alternative air supply
In the case of absence or deficiency of the central air supply, an available medical grade air compressor is a viable alternative source of air supply.

Operative Modes

  • VCV – Volume Control (Assisted/Controlled).
  • PCV – Pressure Control (Assisted/Controlled).
  • PSV – Pressure Support.
  • CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.
  • SIMV (VCV) + PSV.
  • SIMV (PCV) + PSV.
  • TCPL – Time Cycled Pressure Limited.
  • SIMV (TCPL) + PSV.
  • CPAP with Continuous Flow (with leak compensation for NIV).
  • APRV – Airway Pressure Release Ventilation.
  • PRVC – Pressure Regulated Volume Control.