High level Ultrasound System

Featuring the latest in advanced imaging technology all incorporated in a compact hardware, the new UGEO HM70A is the perfect choice for physicians and sonographers who want to deliver excellence in clinical efficiency and patient care wherever they go.

  • Mobile Excellence
    Featuring advanced imaging technology incorporated in compact hardware, the HM70A is the right choice for physicians and sonographers who want to deliver excellence in
    patient care and clinical efficiency wherever they go. Designed for user’s comfort by adapting to the varied need of physicians and sonographers, including exceptional ergonomics, mobility, and expandability.
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine
  • ClearVision™ eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing clear image clarity.
  • Backlit keyboard and control panel. Users can operate the HM70 even in low-lit areas.
  • 15-inch LED monitor provides superior performance, delivering exquisite detail resolution for more accurate diagnosis.
  • SDMR virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing excellent contrast resolution with enhanced edge definition for unsurpassed image clarity.
  • S-Flow a sophisticated color Doppler technology with greater sensitivity, can help to detect even the small peripheral blood vessels. It enables accurate diagnosis when blood flow examination is especially difficult.
  • HDVI (High Definition Volume Imaging) improves the visualization of edges and small structures in 3D reconstructed planes. HDVI quickly renders outstanding images at the touch of a button.
  • Needle Mate delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks. The high level of accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis becomes possible with Needle Mate.
  • EZ Exam transforms multiple steps into a streamlined process at the touch of a button, reducing repetition.
  • QuickScan™ quickly optimizes brightness with the touch of a button.
  • ElastoScan detects the presence of a solid mass in tissues and converts the stiffness into color images. It verifies the presence of lesions reducing the burden of further cervical palpation. ElastoScan™ displays the gradient value of tissue displacement via color map to provide useful information on tissue stiffness.
  • Stress Echo provides a series of customizable reports which help to analyze cardiac changes under stressful circumstances.
  • Panoramic Imaging
    Users can examine wide areas that do not fit into one image as a single image with Panoramic imaging which displays an extended filed-of-view. Panoramic imaging also supports angular scanning from linear and convex transducer data acquisition.
  • S-Vue Transducer
    S-Vue transducer covers broad bandwidth providing high sensitivity allowing easy visualization of difficult cases.
  • Auto IMT™ allows fast measurement of the carotid artery intima-media thickness (IMT).
  • Strain displays a Bull’s Eye which shows left ventricular motion and dysynchrony at a glance.
  • Full Screen Mode
    With one touch, users can expand the image area to fit the entire screen, optimizing the view for image analysis