Opera RT20 Harp

Radiographic Unit

OPERA RT20 Harp is a compact unit for radiography provided with tomographic function. As the “Guitar” version, also the “Harp” model, thanks to its compact structure, allows a quick and easy installation in any diagnostic room even in the smallest dimension ones.

Both units RT 20 “Guitar” and RT20 “Harp” are also available in the digital configuration with either single or double detector and the combination with the exclusive GMM wall stand has been realized so as to ensure the most rapid and supple execution of any X-ray exam.

Among the main features:

  • motorized adjustable height tabletop;
  • motorized-control oblique incidences;
  • electronic tomography;
  • control panel on the front side of the tube.

A complete series of front and lateral handgrips ensure the operator an ample freedom of movement for the operator, while the wide travels of the X-ray tube allow a comfortable execution of oblique incidences and lateral projections also on patients carried on stretchers.

The structure supporting the tabletop allows controlling the height through motorized command as well as the horizontal movement in the four directions, while the tomographic function is controlled electronically, without any need for mechanical coupling.