Ultrasound system of premium level

20141222112520tAKOMUnNxGThe RS80A Prestige is a high-resolution premium ultrasound system designed to meet the needs of your Radiology segment. Its advanced technical capabilities are built on the successes of Samsung technologies, including superior image quality, while offering exclusive options. Features such as S-Fusion and S-Shearwave provide diagnostic confidence and user convenience in challenging practices. E-Breast™, E-Thyroid™ and S-Detect™ provide additional diagnostic tools while improving efficiencies.

  • 23″ Full HD LED display for exceptional image contrast
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Comprehensive selection of transducers available for a wide range of clinical applications
  • S-Fusion
    Our proprietary S-Fusion enables simultaneous localization of a lesion with a real-time ultrasound image supported by other modalities’ 3D Datasets. To address challenges with the image fusion method, such as relatively long registration time and low accuracy of registration, fusion speed and accuracy are the strength of S-Fusion, so the system is ready for advanced clinical applications.
  • Advanced QuickScan
    Designed to maximize efficiency, our Advanced QuickScan technology provides intuitive optimization of gray scale and Doppler parameters. One touch of the QuickScan button maximizes efficiency and workflow by adjusting functions including color gain and color box location.
  • Natural Vue
    3D Natural Vue delivers a realistic view of the surface. It offers morphological information, including the form, size and location of the Region of Interest (ROI) compared to 2D images.
  • S-Shearwave
    S-Shearwave helps to reduce the number of conventional liver biopsies. It detects the velocity of the shearwave propagated through the targeted lesion and displays the measurement of stiffness in kPa or m/s together with a Reliable Measurement Index (RMI)*. It also provides a Variation Range (VR) that shows the uniformity of tissue stiffness in the Region of Interest (ROI). In the profile window, the user can easily edit each measurement value depending on its Reliable Measurement Index.
  • S-Detect™
    S-Detect™ employs Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS®) scores for standardized analysis and classification of suspicious lesions. By simply clicking the suspected area, it draws and provides the characteristics of the lesion and a recommendation on whether it is benign or malignant.
  • E-Thyroid™
    E-Thyroid™ provides an assessment of thyroid lesions by incorporating an index for suspicious areas. E-Thyroid™ images are generated using pulsations from the adjacent Carotid Artery, eliminating the need for manual transducer compression and offering greater consistency.
  • Stress Echo
    The Stress Echo package includes wall motion scoring and reporting. It includes exercise Stress Echo, pharmacologic Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo and free programmable Stress Echo.