Screening Audiometers

MA 30

  • Procedure of Automatic Testing
    The MA 30 is talking: It guides the test person via integrated voice prompts through the automatic test.
    It also gives directions if the person misconstrues during the test.
    Voice prompts are available in English, German, French and Spanish.
    Other native languages can be entered easily.
  • Automatic Screening and Manual Tests
    The MA 30 offers an automated screening at 30 dB for all frequencies.
    While testing of the hearing threshold level usually takes 4-5 minutes the MA 30 needs less than 2 minutes for both ears.
    You can use the device also for the traditional hands on procedure.
  • Storage and Printing
    The MA 30 saves up to 200 audiograms.
    With the optional printer you can get quality printouts in seconds.
  • Features at a glance
    Manual and automatic pure tone audiometry.
    Automatic threshold tests according to Hughson Westlake procedure.
    Screening test at 30 dB in less than 2 minutes.
    Frequencies freely selectable.
    Stores up to 200 audiograms.