Screening Audiometers


The fast and funny speech test for children

  • Test Procedure
    After a short training the children will play the Pilot game to get the „Pilot license“. During the following test the degree of difficulty will be increased step by step, as the test level decreases from 70 dBHL to finally 25 dBHL. If the children do not point to a picture anymore it is easy to decide, depending on the level, if normal hearing or a severe hearing impairment is found.
  • Pure Tone Screening
    An integrated screening pure tone audiometer is available for eight test frequencies. The graphic display shows the intensity for easy verification. The tests can be conducted either via the headset or via optional loudspeaker.
  • Fast documentation of the test results
    The PILOT TEST stores automatically every test result (Pilot Test as well as Pure Tone Test).
    After completion of the test just press the Group or Tone button for 2 seconds and all data are printed via the optional printer.
  • Features at a glance
    For fast hearing tests with children of 2 years and older.
    Small and lightweight with integrated pure tone audiometer.
    The fast, self motivating test takes less than one minute per ear.
    The graphical LCD-display shows the picture of the test word.
    Up to six different languages can be stored on the device.
    High quality speech tests in many different languages available.