Screening Audiometers

ST 20

  • The screening audiometer with threshold measurement
    Air conduction from 250 Hz to 8 kHz with automatic masking.
    Bone conduction with automatic masking (ST 20 BC).
    Diagnostic functions (ST 20 SISI). Frequency and intensity indicated by red light. Headphone DD65 perfect accessory in noisy environments.
  • Fast and easy screening with ST 20
    The basic ST 20 is easy and comfortable to operate. Its unique light point technology combines audiometry and error free recording in one step. The 8 test frequencies of the ST 20 from 250 Hz to 8 kHz can be changed with two buttons. The solid and sound isolated headphones deliver up to 100 dB hearing level. The intensity can be changed with the slide control in 5 dB steps down to -10 dB. The actual value of frequency / level is indicated by a red light which can be easily marked on the audiogram paper. The automatic and sliding masking is very easy to operate
  • Bone conduction with ST 20
    BC The ST 20 BC additionally offers bone conduction to the basic version. The output of the B71 bone conductor goes up to 70 dB hearing level. The masking noise is automatically controlled.
  • Diagnostic functions with ST 20 SISI
    In addition to air and bone conduction, it offers the SISI test, showing whether the hearing impairment is cochlear or retro cochlear.