The Triton is a mobile, modular anaesthesia machine for manual ventilation in a semi-open breathing system. With the optional closed circle system, including the CO2 absorber, the Triton can easily be upgraded to a fully equipped anaesthesia machine for manual ventilation. The easily operable and mobile Triton is an ideal solution for any in-hospital emergency and/or decentralised anaesthesia.

The Triton anaesthesia trolley comprises

  • ORC Rotameter (with 25% oxygen safeguard and oxygen alarm)
  • Dual Selectatec® vaporiser mounting system
  • Two drawers
  • Common gas outlet
  • Integrated suction system with pressure gauge (optional: suction jar)
  • Three gas pressure gauges (O2, N2O, air)
  • Two cylinder holders at back
  • Two gas cylinder pressure gauges at front
  • Semi-open manual breathing system
  • Anti-static castors with brake

Available options for the Triton

  • APL arm with Y-piece connector and bag hook
  • Closed circle system with CO2 absorber
  • Writing shelf
  • Patient tubing holder
  • Patient monitor
  • Dual flow tubes for N2O and air
  • Extra O2 outlet with single flowmeter (for oxygen therapy)
  • Suction jar
  • Integrated pin-index yokes for two gas cylinders
  • Portable pressure regulator for gas cylinder
  • Gasovac for active scavenging system
  • Gasovac with gas ejector for passive scavenging system
  • Integrated aspiration system for autonomous suction system
  • Power block
  • External medical air compressor
  • External oxygen concentrator